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Peter Barnes

Superb musicianship, respect for tradition but not afraid to take risks, to augment, create, and have FUN! That's Peter Barnes. He's very "instrumental" too. By that I mean, he plays piano, flute, penny whistle, harmonica, guitar and is learning the oboe at the moment. Other musicians love to play with him due to his good humor and his skill. All this translatesinto great music for all of us to enjoy. Lucky for all of us!

Heatin' up the Hall

Yankee Ingenuity Contra music

CD - $25
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Yankee Ingenuity

"Good Evening! Welcome to the Concord Scout House, and to another Monday night square and contra dance with Yankee Ingenuity" Since 1978 these super musicians have run a weekly dance. Their music is lively, sprightly, driving and a whole lot of fun! The music they play has evolved over the years. The jigs and reels from Anglo-Celtic tradition make up the bulk of their repertoire, but new tunes are included too. This recording captures their high spirits and is the next best thing to joining them at a dance.

  1. La Bastringue, Saut de Lapin, Beaulieu, Pointe au Pic
  2. Jesucita en Chihuahua
  3. City of Savannah, Ross's Reel #4
  4. 4. Been to the East, Been to the West, Seventeen Days in Georgia
  5. 5. La Partida
  6. 6. Hunter's House, Providence Reel, Congress Reel
  7. 7. Maxime LeBlanc, PrinceCharlie, Shoemaker's Daughter
  8. 8. Metsakukkia
  9. 9. Lad O'Beirne's, Sepp Piontik,Cat in the Hopper, Fair Jenny's
  10. 10. Levi Jackson Rag
  11. 11. Crockett's Honeymoon, Yellow Rose of Texas with calls for Grapevine Twist

Peter Barnes, Ruthie Dornfeld, Cal Howard, Mary Lea, Jack O'Connor, Tony Parkes, Joyce Desmarais, Grant Smith, Bill Tomczak, 1989

Sleeping on a Rock

CD - $15

Latter Day Lizards

These very fine musicians, Peter Barnes - piano and guitar; Bill Tomczak- clarinet, tenor sax, dumbeck, banjo uke; and Dave Langford- fiddle and guitar, have been having a grand time playing together for several years. Now you can have an immensely good time listening to the Lizard's eclectic blending of Irish/ French/ Canadian/ Ragtime/ Rock/ Appalachian/ Jazz music in your very own home. Who are those dark-suited men at your door? It's the Latter Day Lizards!

  1. Temperance Reel
  2. Smith's Reel
  3. Joy of My Life
  4. Star of Munster
  5. Findeborgen
  6. Blackjack Grove
  7. East Tennessee Blues
  8. Beaumont Rag
  9. Elzick's Farewell
  10. Vladimir's Steamboat
  11. Thompson's Jig
  12. Mahinney's
  13. Celina
  14. Reel Traditional
  15. Early June
  16. Roscoe
  17. Fiddler's Dream
  18. Killarney Boys of Pleasure
  19. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
  20. Sleeping on a Rock
  21. Emon Acnuck
  22. Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
  23. Eskimo Reel
  24. Evit Gabriel
  25. Seamus O'Brien
  26. Miss Thorton's
  27. Mason's Apron
  28. Coleman's March

Peter Barnes, Bill Tomczak, Dave Langford, 2002

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