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Couple Dance

Couple dances are an important part of Contra. There is the waltz before the break and the one before you go home. There are the polkas at the start to limber up. Now it is not surprising to find a hambo or a schottische at the start. The music for these dances is great and we would like to share a few CDs that focus on couple dances with you.

Between Two Worlds

CD - $15

Mary Lea and Friends

This is Mary Lea's third recording of romantic couple dance tunes and it reflects her continued interest in music from South America. Included are waltzes from Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay and Brazil, tangos from Argentina and choros from Brazil. Mary's fiddle is backed by a cluster of fine New England musicians.

  1. Quebra Queixo, Brazilian choro
  2. Capriccio Irreale, waltz
  3. Agradecendo, Brazilian, choro waltz
  4. San Rafael, Venezuelan waltz
  5. Aria 2 from Tellemman's Partita #2 in G, waltz
  6. Piazza Vittorio, Brazilian choro
  7. Flor de Canela, traditional Mexican waltz
  8. El Sueno de la Munequita, Paraguayan waltz
  9. El Apache Argentino, Argentinian tango,
  10. Fulanita,Panchita, traditional Mexican waltzes
  11. Pacoc, Brazilian, choro
  12. Middle of the Night, waltz
  13. Vou Vivendo, Brazilian choro
  14. Dininha, Brazilian choro waltz
  15. Por Una Cabeza, Argentinian tango
  16. Stepping Stones, English country dance waltz

Total Time 59.38

Mary Lea, Peter Barnes, Lise Brown, John Chapin, Ralph Gordon, Steve Leicach, Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy, Jessica Murrow, Anna Patton, Steve Proctor, Jacqueline Schwab

Cascade of Tears

CD - $15

Mary Lea and Friends

This is Mary Lea's first couples dance CD. She plays Contra music as well, but of all the dance forms she plays, couple dancing is the most compelling. It is because of the intimate connection between musician and dancer, the wide range in musical repertoire and the greater potential for musical expression. Here are some favorites.

  1. Villa Rosa, waltz
  2. Buon Giorno, tango
  3. Ebba Polka
  4. Troll Polska,Sparf fars Polska
  5. Nudeli, zwiefacher
  6. Down in Zanzibar, maxixe
  7. Cascata de Lagrimas, waltz
  8. Castares de mi Tierra, waltz
  9. Polka Fra Laeso
  10. Morivivi-Mazurca Jibaro
  11. Zwei Kapellan, zwiefacher
  12. Tango Argentino
  13. Oscarina, waltz
  14. Moskwa, Polka
  15. Chopin Waltz Op. 69 #2

Total Time 51:19

Mary Lea, Peter Barnes, David Cantieni, Ruthie Dornfeld, Ralph Gordon, Russel Horton, Ann Percival, Steve Procter, Bill Tomczak, Mark Trichka


Produced by David DiGiuseppe, Everdance offers us fourteen tunes for our enjoyment. They flow and you will be swept up with them. The Port Arthur Waltz and LaValse Soleil Couche leaves you craving for Cajun country. The Valse des petites Jeunes Filles transports you to a Parisian dance hall. The title track is a beguiling tune that is a tad wistful, but very soothing. Overall, this is a pretty wonderfuld CD!

  1. Winter's Long Road
  2. Dean's 50th Birthday, Ted's Lucky Square
  3. Archibald McDonald of Keppoch
  4. Homage a Philippe Bruneau/La Valse d'Hiver
  5. Incomprise
  6. Everdance
  7. Candles in the Dark
  8. Port Arthur Waltz
  9. Trois Tours de Piste
  10. Valse des Peteres Jeunes filles
  11. The Rosebud of Allenval
  12. La Napoletana
  13. La Valse Soleil Couche
  14. Niel Gow's Lament

Total Time 54:39

Barney Pilgrim, David Digiuseppe, Pete Campbell, Dean Herington and special guest Rob Van Veld


David DiGiuseppe and Footloose have released another great Music for Couple Dancing CD, with fourteen cuts of waltzes, hambos, tangos and more. David's marvelous accordion playing and Dean Herington's clarinet make it a special CD.

  1. Polska frän Rättvik (hambo)
  2. Tango Baja Chaxra (tango)
  3. Wintergrün (zwiefacher)
  4. Caminos de Galicia (waltz)
  5. Ölands Tös (schottische)
  6. Tango Caliente (tango)
  7. One Last Time (waltz)
  8. Hårgalåten (hambo)
  9. Los Novios (tango)
  10. Bayricher Bauer (zwiefacher)
  11. Planet Love (waltz)
  12. South of Andromeda (waltz)
  13. Peuttis Schottis (schottische)
  14. Foggy Nights (waltz)<

Peter Campbell, Ted Ehrhard, David Digiuseppe, Dean Heringto, Don Gladstone, Jim Roberts

Gypsy Wine

CD - $15

Mary Lea and Friends

Mary Lea is again joined in her second couple dance CD by musical friends from the Connecticut River Valley. They play fifteen of her favorite romantic couple dance tunes.

  1. La Mangave, musette waltz
  2. Gypsy Wine, one-step
  3. Bethena, waltz
  4. El Viejo Vals , waltz
  5. Smithy Hill, blues one-step
  6. Carinito, waltz
  7. Schottis FR Enviken, Schottis Fr. Harjedalen
  8. LaPecocita, polka
  9. Hora Din Campie, zwiefacher
  10. Half and Half, 5/4 waltz
  11. Youkali, tango
  12. Valse des Niglos, musette waltz
  13. La Partida, waltz
  14. Mid the Pyramids, one-step
  15. Eilean Beag Donn A'chuain, waltz

Time 54:39

Musicians: Mary Lea, Peter Barnes, Thomas Bartlett, Mary Cay Brass, David Cantieni, Ralph Gordon, Russel Horton, John Kravitz, Steve Leicach, Colin McCaffrey, Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy, Jeanne Morrill, Steve Procter, Pete Sutherland, Bill Tomczak, Mark Trichka


CD - $15


Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities has created a recording of English country dance tunes that reflects their love and respect for the traditional roots of this music. On this CD they have incorporated some of the modern and improvisatory approaches that have found their way into their playing. These very fine musicians chose to go wherever the tune led them, giving themselves a chance to be more playful and experimental than they would be at dance. English country dance is a genre of subtle beauty and they have captured it on this recording. Simply put., this is truly wonderful music!

  1. Ashford Anniversary
  2. Joy After Sorrow
  3. Grimstock
  4. The Night Cap
  5. Portsmouth
  6. St. Martin's Lane
  7. The First Lady
  8. King of Poland
  9. Heidenroslein
  10. Barney Brallaghan
  11. Chestnut
  12. The Dusty Miller
  13. Barbarini's Tambourine

Peter Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Mary Lea, Jaqueline Schwab

Waltzing for the Grange

Waltzing at the Grange contra music

CD - $15

Waltz Compilation

Waltzing for the Grange is a benefit CD for the Guiding Star Grange which is a hub of dancing in Western Massachusetts. Some say the Guiding Star Grange is the most vibrant Contra dance venue in America. Seventeen waltzes have been donated by musicians to help raise funds to help restore this beautiful building. On this CD you hear musicians from Massachusetts, California, New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington. They all are first rate and so are their waltzes.

  1. The Skye Boat Song (Wild Asparagus)
  2. Emily's Waltz (Three Good Reasons)
  3. Don and Kelley's Waltz (Hillbillies from Mars)
  4. The Lovers' Waltz (Jay Unger and Molly Mason)
  5. Waltz of the Little Girls (Childsplay)
  6. Bethena (Mary Lea and Friends)
  7. The New Land (Swallowtail)
  8. Charlotte's Waltz (Pam Weeks)
  9. Franconia Waltz (New England Dancing Masters)
  10. Frannie's Waltz (Cathie Whitesides)
  11. Chopin Waltz Op. 69 #2 (Mary Lea and Friends)
  12. Nancy's Waltz/Dark Island (Rodney Miller)
  13. Star of the County Down/Planxty/Fanny Power (Laurie Fisher)
  14. Fremont Waltz (Ruthie Dornfeld, Joel Bernstein and Keith Murphy)
  15. Prima Donna Waltz (Spare Parts)
  16. The Forlorn Queen (The Sevens)
  17. Wedding at Cleary Lake (Larry Unger)

Friends of the Guiding Star Grange, 1999

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