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The Celtic Connection

Tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and Cape Breton have always been part of contra.


Best of
Wild Asparagus

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Wild Asparagus

Some say Wild Asparagus is the hottest contra band from New England. Certainly those packing the local dance halls as they tour would agree. Best of Wild Asparagus includes selections from five Wild Asparagus' releases, starting with Music from a Little Known Planet in 1989, through, Wherever You Go. As to their style of contra - Celtic influenced, but with their own special magic.

  1. Fahey's,Woman of the House,Sligo Creek
  2. Lafferty's
  3. Contney's Yard, Heave Together, My Need
  4. Mooncoin Jig,Whelan's
  5. Jug of Punch,Jenny's Chickens
  6. Norwegian Reinlender, Schottis from Idre
  7. Camel Hump, Sam Bartlett's, Camel Hump
  8. Enrichezvous
  9. Baghad Gus, Gus Fuss
  10. Congress Reel, Fisherman's Island, Return to Milltown
  11. The Big Reel, Rare
  12. Ootpik Waltz

Sam Bartlett, David Cantieni, Van Kaynor, Stuart Kenney, Mary Lea, George Marshall, Ann Sue Sternberg, Becky Tracy

Special Guests: Lee Blackwell, Keith Murphy, Danny Noveck, Dirk Powell, Mark Roberts, Pete Sutherland

Total Time 56.54

Frank Ferrel and Friends

Wherever there are great fiddlers, you will find Frank Ferrel. Truly one of America's top fiddlers, here you have him with his long time friends and fellow musicians, Peter Barnes, John McGann, and Joe Derrane*. He offers a vibrant, deeply pleasurable, and thoroughly convincing musical essay on Yankee fiddling, its range, roots and aesthetics. It is also music for Contra dancing, which remains the beating heart of the New England style.

* Joe Derrane is the only New England Irish musician to ever receive the National Endowment for the Arts' vaunted National Heritage Fellowship Award.

  1. Trip to the Well, Galway Belles, Church Street
  2. Sean Reid's, The Watchmaker, The Milliner's Daughter
  3. Amelia
  4. Mullingar Races, Joe Cooley's Reel, The Longford Collector
  5. Jean Carignan Medley
  6. Maid on the Green, The Miner's Jig, The Short Road
  7. Two-Step du Bob, Two-Step du Ray
  8. The Old Dutch Churn, Looney McTwalter, Mike Moloney's
  9. Peter Feeney's Dream, Flowers of the Flock
  10. Port Patrick, Whelan's, Brodie Kieric's
  11. Beans, Humors of Maine
  12. The Blue Eyed Lassie
  13. Andrea's Waltz
  14. The Rollicking Boys Around
    Tandragee, Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife

Frank Ferrel, Peter Barnes, John McGann, Joe Derrane Total Time 58:20

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