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Contra Roots and Branches

New England's special music now belongs to America. What was once a curiosity is now a national phenomenon. The Roots from New England influenced the Branches across the country and beyond. Great Meadow Music with assistance of the Country Dance and Song Society, has released the CD Contra Roots and Branches described below. This section includes the CDs from which cuts from the Roots CD have been selected.

Contra Roots and Branches

CD - $15

Hear Clip From Track #9

Contra Roots and Branches

This CD features the best bands from across North America playing New England-style Contra music. We have cherry picked the best cuts from the best CDs of the best bands!

  1. The Tar Road to Sligo, The Wild One, Apples in Winter - Swallowtail, After the Dance, MA
  2. A Finnish Polka, Morpeth Lasses - Footloose, NC
  3. Paddy Killoran's, Gallagher's Frolic - A Band Named Bob, PA
  4. Old Man Old Woman, Hillbillies from Mars, CA
  5. Romanian Invirtitia, Grasshopper on a Sweet Potato Vine, Old Gray Cat, Shenandoah Falls - Grand Picnic, NY
  6. Frenchie's, Habanera - KGB, WA
  7. Eli Green's Cakewalk, Little Judique - Portland Selection, OR
  8. Year-End Two Step, O'Donnel Abhu - New England Tradition, Farewell to the Hollow, NH
  9. Jig Mania, Tuba City Truck Stop, Yesterdays Noodles - The Brea Castoffs, Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment, KY
  10. Morag's Waltz - George Wilson and Friends - The Royal Circus, NY
  11. Erin Reel, The St. Lawrence River, Oliver Tremblay's Reel - Frank Ferrel and Friends - Yankee Dreams, MA
  12. Montmarquette's, Pique Bois, Set americain,G Tune - Guys Can Talk
  13. Aly on the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys IA, MN - Contratopia, Smitten
  14. Reel du Tricentenaire, Reel Arthur , Reel de Port-Joli, Reel de Moosonee - Domino, Quebec

David Millstone, whom many of you know for his wonderful calling, wrote the liner notes for Contra Roots and Branches, 2004.

Total Time 74 minutes


After the Dance

Swallowtail music CD

CD - $25

Collector's Item!



Five very fine musicians celebrate twenty years of playing together. The music is highly arranged, professionally played and absolutely beautiful. They have chosen such lovely tunes. Over time I have noticed that this is the CD I play the most.

  1. Trip to Moscow, Beatrice, Reel du Lievre
  2. Forest Flower
  3. Bunch of Rushes , The Lark in the Morning The Atholl Highlanders
  4. Irish American Reel, President Garfield's Hornpipe, Frenchie's Reel
  5. The New Land
  6. Pastorell
  7. Flapper's, Tommy's Tarbukas, La Belle Katrine
  8. Martin Wynne's No. 2, Brereton's
  9. Bud's Waltz
  10. O'Carolan's Concerto
  11. The Tar Road to Sligo, The Wild One, Apples in Winter
  12. Petit Tours des Dames,Galop de Chaine de Cotillon
  13. Mairi's Wedding, The Wren
  14. Josefin's Waltz

Ron Grosslein, David Cantieni, George Marshall, Tim Van Egmond, Timm Triplett, 1999

Total Time 62:49


Contra Dance music at it best!

CD - $15 temporarily unavailable

Richard Forest and Domino

Quebecois dance music is driving, fast and tons of fun. It's fun to
dance to, but it's equally as much fun to listen to. You can't keep
your feet from tapping and you definitely won't be gloomy when you listen to it. This is a fiddle based tradition and Richard Forest is a great fiddler. If you also love the accordion , you are in for a big treat as Sabin Jacques plays fabulous diatonic accordion. On this recording Domino plays fifteen original compositions for Quebecois dance and American contra dances. Highly recommended!

  1. Reel du Gadeliderot, Reel de St-Marc, Reel de la Petite Chapelle de Bois, St- Hubert 97, Reel de Montebello
  2. Les Trois Rubans
  3. Reel de la Petit Cote, Domino, Reel de la Rue de Gaspe, Reel Yvan
  4. Berceuse Pour Hanna
  5. La Marche Printaniere, Le Galant, Marche Pour Anne-Marie, La Marche des Eleves, La March Alexis
  6. Le Mal de Dents
  7. Valse de Luc Lavallee
  8. Reel du Tricentenaire, Reel
  9. Arthur, Reel de Port-Joli, Reel de Moosonee, Set Americain

Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest, Rejean Brunet, Luc Laroche, 1998

Total Time 59:30


Royal Circus

royal circus fiddle tunes, george wilson royal circus, contra music

CD - $25

Collector's Item! 


George Wilson

George Wilson has long been a fixture on the Albany contra scene playing contra music with driving interpretations of Cape Breton, Scandinavian, Scottish and Quebeccois tunes. Becky Ashenden and Selma Kaplin provide the necessary driving piano back up.

  1. Gânglât fran Mockfjärd
  2. Judique Jig, Drummond Castle, Stool of Repentance
  3. Mist on the Loch, Kitchen Ceili Reel, Capt.Peterson of Melby, Barrowburn
  4. Forever Young Waltz
  5. The Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland, Stirling Castle, Homeward Bound
  6. Margaret Chisholm, Broken Lantern, The Royal Circus, Miss Gordon of Park
  7. John Roy Lyall
  8. Reel en sol d’André Alain, Reel du Goglu, Reel Ste. Antoine
  9. Morag’s Waltz
  10. Inverness Jig, Campbell’s Road, Dolbin
  11. Farewell to Ravenscraig?
  12. Brace Bridge, Pat the Budgey, Cheticamp Reel, Phil Cunningham’s, Francis the Miller
  13. Finn Jenta
  14. Francis Sitwell, Silver Cluster, Reel from Joe Cormier
  15. Indian Ladder, Mouse in the Cupboard, Tar Road to Sligo
  16. The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, James F.Dickie’s Strathspey, Miss Maule’s Strathspey, The Cape Breton visit to Shetland, Coir An Lochan, Gladstone
  17. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife.
  18. Gânglât efter Skommerfar

George Wilson, Becky Ashenden, Chuck Corman, Selma Kaplan, Bill Spence

Total Time 67:12

Farewell to the Hollow, New England Tradition

Yankee Dreams, Frank Ferrel


A Band Named Bob

CD - $15

A Band Named Bob

This trio has been a fixture of the Philadelphia dance scene for a number of years, and their solid driving style is classic New England Contra.

  1. Saratoga Hornpipe, Frenchie's, Say No More
  2. Pipe on the Hob, The River Bend
  3. The Road to California, Katydid, Contrazz
  4. St. Antoine's, F# minor Reel, St. Jean's
  5. The Pernod Waltz
  6. Paddy On The Landfill, The Scholar, Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston
  7. Horse With a Heart, Penny Hill, David's
  8. Waynesboro, Shenandoah Falls
  9. Justin Otter Schottische
  10. Paddy Killoran's, Gallagher's Frolic
  11. John Bowe's, Log Cabin, Trip to Windsor
  12. Midwinter blossom

Barbara Greenberg, Bob Pasquarello and Bob Stein

Folk buddha's path to enlightenment

The Berea Castoffs

A spirited collection of jigs, reels and waltzes in the New England style performed by a Kentucky band! Al and Alice White on Fiddle and bass are the core of the group, but Dave Witherspoon on flute and Charlie Pilzer on piano provide theatrics that have to be heard to be believed. Over half of the cuts are dance length. An exciting CD for dances where you are using recorded music.

  1. Volvo Music, Harmon's Lick, New Lanark
  2. Jig for Clams, Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment Jig
  3. Rockcastle Waltz
  4. Road Back Home, Stuffed Sole, Off to Minnesota
  5. Blackberry Winter
  6. Jig of the Day, Common Rumpus, Serious Jig
  7. Road to Buddy's House, Poodles on the Loose, Contra Time Killer
  8. O'Donnell's Heir
  9. Jig Mania, Tuba City Truck Stop, Yesterday's Noodles
  10. Dry Your Eyes

Al White, Alice White, David Witherspoon, Charlie Pilzer - 2000

Total Time 58:22


CD - $15


Contra dancers in North Carolina come to a FootLoose dance expecting high energy music and a healthy dose of zanniness. Their arrangements leave lots of room for improvisation and they love to surprise. Although they play music in the New England tradition, they draw on their backgrounds in old time, jazz and classical music, as well as other styles from around the world.

  1. A Finnish Polka, Morpeth Lasses
  2. Wild One, Fair Jenny's
  3. Tango Caliente
  4. Jumpin' at the Gym, Saratoga Hornpipe
  5. Inyo Barn Dance Waltz
  6. Minor Details, Dark Nights
  7. Mr. Fiddle, Rock-a-bye Baby
  8. It's in D, Dr. Campbell, Untitled Cape Breton jig
  9. Juliann Johnson, Nancy Ann
  10. Elizabeth's Reel, LaGrande, Chaine, The Scholar
  11. Caminos de Galica

Ted Ehrhard, David DiGiuseppe, Dean Herington and Peter Campbell plus special guests Jim Roberts and Joe Newberry

Grand Picnic

All you can say about Grand Picnic's music is "joyful". These guys have fun and they showed us how at the 2007 Fall Ball in Peterborough, NH. Complete with tubas and whistles, these guys play great Contra music. CD originally released in 1992, but still fun as a country picnic. Nuff said!

  1. Saint Joseph's Reel / Pulaski Skyway / Little Red Brick House in Georgia
  2. Dean Street
  3. Peter's Jig / Where's Marco / Smart Young Man
  4. Druttjenkarl Lenken
  5. Romainian Invirtita / Grasshopper on a Sweet Potato Vine / Old Gray Cat / Shenandoah Falls
  6. Judith's Waltz
  7. Raise the Devil / Hayride / raise the Devil
  8. Bunch of Rushes / Bonaparte's March / Butcher's Row
  9. Canadian Waltz
  10. Puff Adder Quickstep
  11. The Mouse in the Cupboard / I lost My Love / Scollay's Reel
  12. Grand Picnic / Johnny in the Swamp / West Virginia Gals
  13. Galician Waltz

Michael Gorin, Sam Zygmuntowicz, Jody Kruskal, Marco Brehm, Bill Peck, with guests Danny Elias and Karen Geer

Guys Can Talk

Fiddle music CD's

CD - $12

Guys Can Talk

From Minnesota and New Hampshire, these guys play solid New England dance music and are lively, uplifting and a ton of fun. Dan Newton's accordion leads the charge.

  1. The Rush and Pepper, Francis Grant
  2. Montmarquette's, Pipue Bois, Set Americaine, G Tune
  3. Tango
  4. Apple Picking
  5. Frenchie's Reel, Blind Man's Reel, Mother's Reel
  6. Fritz and Julie's Waltz
  7. Teresa's, Granny will Your Dog Bite, Glory at the Meeting House

Eric Mohring, Dan Newton, Larry Siegel 1999

Total Time 24:38

Hillbillies From Mars

Fiddle music CD's

CD - $20

 Collector's Item!



Hillbillies From Mars

Hillbillies from Mars are exciting and fun. Their music is always
mischievous and progressive, but never contrived. Their range is large - traditional Quebec reels, Irish tunes, Southern tunes, and new tunes are all given the Hillbillies touch. This is superb contra dance music and it's superb listening music too. Now a collectors item! visit their website!

  1. North Carolina Breakdown
  2. Elzic's Farewell
  3. The Full Catastrophe
  4. Waynesboro Medley
  5. DNA Bourrees
  6. Blind Fiddler, Sandy Boys
  7. Quebec Reels
  8. Uilleann Pipes Set
  9. Old Man Old Woman
  10. Friends, Don & Kelly's Waltz
  11. Martian's Farewell

Kevin Carr, Paul Kotapish, Ray Bierl, Daniel Steinberg, 1993

Volga Notions

CD - $25

Collector's Item! 



This is the crazy bunch from Seattle who has become the Wild Asparagus of the West Coast. These great musicians have stirred up dances and dance camps around the country with exciting arrangements and great musical talent.

  1. Tiger Mountain Special, The Last Show
  2. Oddville Cupola, Paddy on a Bun
  3. Gasworks Park, Scatter the Mud, Ferris Eugene
  4. Flight
  5. The Smoke Gets In Your Ears, Iron Curtain Breakdown
  6. Bear Creek, Jack Bartley's, Jig of Slurs
  7. Frenchie's Habanera
  8. Wind in the Hills
  9. Sligo Crrek, High Reel
  10. Volga Notions, Craggy Dome, The I-5 Corridor, The Outback
  11. The Empty Place, Waltz for Anita Bartley

Total Time 63:59

Julie King, Claude Ginsburg, Dave Bartley

A Portland Selection

CD - $25

Collector's Item! 

Susan Songer, George Penk & Clyde Curley

Playing for the "sheer fun of it" Susan Songer, George Penk and Clyde Curley present a selection of tunes from The Portland Collection. Susan and Clyde put together the Portland Collection of tunes in 1997. Due to many requests to actually hear the tunes as they are played in Portland Oregon, this CD was born. A diverse selection is featured, mirroring the pot-pourri of music in the Portland dance community. Their excellent musicianship and great enthusiasm for the music is displayed for our enjoyment.

  1. Hommage a Edmond Parizeau
  2. Money in Both Pockets, Campbell River, Reunion Jig
  3. Shamrocks in the Galax, Damon's Winder, Two Wide Nickels
  4. Round the Horn
  5. Basket of Yarn, Blair Atholl, Millbrae
  6. Father Kelly's
  7. Star Above the Garter, Reverend Brother's, The Walk Home
  8. Miss Monaghan's, Cottage in the Grove, The Mason's Apron
  9. Liza Jane
  10. Shoes and Stockings, Johnny Cope, Big Liza Jane
  11. Eli Greene's Cakewalk, Little Judique
  12. Merriweather, Sally Ann Johnson
  13. The Black Cat Jig, Asher
  14. Le Cultivateur, Evit Gabriel, La Belle Catherine
  15. Pretty Peggy
  16. Bouchard's Hornpipe, Ice on the Road, Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston
  17. Celina

George Penk, Susan Songer, Clyde Curley, Creighton Lindsay

Total Time 62:58

See Companion Book


CD - $15


Here are four talented musicians from the Great Plains. Both Minnesota and Iowa claim them. Cut four with Aly On the Plains and Just 4 Guys is Betty Ann's favorite.

  1. Loaves and Fishes, Too Many Goats, 4th and Walnut
  2. Puddle Jumper, Snow Day, Offshoot
  3. Bighorn River Sunset
  4. Aly On the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys
  5. Ladybug Lightning
  6. Mason's Apron, Maggie in the Snow, Julia Delaney
  7. Lucy's Stroll, Box Elder Stomp
  8. Smitten
  9. Surprise, Stumpy, Bunch of Stuff
  10. Manistique, What You got There, Scandy Twist
  11. Lost Summer

Pat O'Loughlin, John Goodin, Patrice Pakiz, Erik Sessions

Total Time 47:47

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