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Dudley Laufman

Musician and caller Dudley Laufman was the charismatic figure at the center of the dance revival in the late 1960s and 1970s, whose effects can still be seen in today’s vibrant contra dance scene. Ralph Page preserved the traditional dance of New Hampshire’s Monadnock region, but Dudley made it exciting for a new generation. Folks say he saved traditional music and dance. His story is told completely in David Millstone’s documentary, The Other Way Back. Today, Dudley and his wife, Jackie, as Two Fiddles, put emphasis on family and community barn dances in New Hampshire, but their music is Contra.

Canterbury Dance Orchestra

CD - $15

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Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

The name Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra goes back to 1966. Their music and Dudley Laufman's calling led to the rekindling of the contra music and dance that thrives today. In 1972 they made the first-ever long playing album of New England contra and square dance music. Now, in 2001 we have Canterbury Orchestra on CD. Their sound tells us why the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra became so enormously popular in the late 60's and early 70's. The music is up-beat, earthy, engaging, and above all - happy.

  1. Earl of Mansfield
  2. Chorus Jig
  3. Coleraine
  4. Mistwold
  5. Starr Label Reel, Ned Kendall
  6. Maguinnis's Delight
  7. Prince William II
  8. Scotch Hornpipe
  9. Glenn Towle
  10. Reel de Jeunne Marie
  11. Madame Bonaparte
  12. Farewell to Whiskey, Money Musk
  13. Prince William
  14. Brisk Young Lads, 2 & 6 Penny Girl
  15. Petronella
  16. Irish American Reel
  17. La Gondeuse
  18. Poor Auld Woman
  19. Huntsmen's Chorus
  20. Petronella with calls
  21. Meeting of the Waters

Allan Block - Fred Breunig - Art Bryan - Pete Colby - Larry DeLorier - Charlene Fagelman Morse - Dave Fuller - Nicholas S. Howe - Dudley Laufman - Ted Levin - Bob McQuillen - Vince O'Donnell - Jack Perron - Jack Sloanaker - Dick VanKleeck - Jerry Weene - 2001

Total Time 74 minutes


Belle of the Contra Dance

twin fidddles and sugar river string band, jig, reels, contra music

CD - $15

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Belle of the Contra Dance

The Belle recalls the joy of the original 1972 Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra CD. Many of those original musicians are back, playing twenty one delightful traditional New England contra tunes.

  1. 1. Holly Berry
  2. Planxty Fanny Power
  3. La Grondeuse II<
  4. Sir Roger de Coverly / Drops of Brandy
  5. Lindbergh’s Crate (McQuillen) / Green Cockade
  6. Jenny’s Bawbee / Kafoozallum
  7. Piper’s Lass / Lamplighter’s Hornpipe
  8. Rye Waltz
  9. Lady Walpole’s Reel
  10. Caber Feigh
  11. Gobby O’
  12. Rope Waltz
  13. Constitution Hornpipe
  14. McQuillen’s Squeezebox (Page)
  15. Pigtown Fling/ Peter Street
  16. Saddle the Pony<
  17. Gentle Maiden
  18. Dorset Four Hand Reel
  19. Larry O’Gaff
  20. Balkan Hills Schottische
  21. Belle of the Contra Dance (Boardman)

Musicians: David Dudley, Greg Boardman, Dave Fuller, Cal Howard, Taylor Whiteside, Allan Macintyre, Randy Miller, Sylvia Miskoe, Dick Nevell, Jerry Weene, Jack Sloanaker, Deanna Stiles, R. P. Hale, Lydia deAmicis Reeve, and others

Total Time: 76 minutes

Copyright 2017 Canterbury Music, CCDO-3

Welcome Here Again, with Dudley Laufman

One more time… an album of the rich, full sound of the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, thirty years since the last recording. Traditional jigs, reels , hornpipes and a waltz are played by sixteen dance musicians having over 677 years of musicianship, the best of old time New England square and contra dance music.

  1. Welcome Here Again
  2. Come Up the Back stairs
  3. Roxgurgh Castle
  4. Moon & 7 Stars
  5. Charley Murray’s Waltz (Tirrell-Wysocki)
  6. Marlboro Street (Laufman)
  7. Connacht Man’s Rambles<
  8. Cotillion des Baies-des-Rochers
  9. Blackberry Quadrille
  10. Forester’s Hornpipe
  11. Monk’s March
  12. The Waterloo Dance
  13. Rory O”More
  14. Sweet Richard
  15. Scotty O’Neil (McQuillen)
  16. Colonel Robertson
  17. Constancy
  18. Buckwheat Batter
  19. My Love Is But A Lassie Yet
  20. Reprise: Charley Murray’s Waltz

Musicians: Dudley Laufman, Jacqueline Laufman, Vince O”Donnell, Tayor Whiteside, Greg Boardman, Art Bryan, Sylvia Miskoe, Carl Jacobs, Al McIntyre, Jack Perron, Wally Sweet, Jane Orzechowski, Russell Orzechowski, Sophie Orzechowski, Neil Orzechowski, Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Total Time: 74 minutes
Copyright - 2016 Canterbury Music


Where'd You Get Them Great Chunes

twin fidddles and sugar river string band, jig, reels, contra music

CD - $15

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Twin Fiddles & Sugar River String Band

Reels, hornpipes and a jig. This is marvelous, solid, New England Contra music with Two Fiddles and The Sugar River String Band. Good Dudley chatter in the liner notes. Dudley's rendition of Money Musk is a classic.

  1. Gloucestershire Hornpipe
  2. Honest John
  3. Trumpet Hornpipe
  4. Reel à Pitou
  5. Reel Joliette
  6. Christmas Hornpipe
  7. Waltz Quadrille
  8. Liberation
  9. Money Musk
  10. Princess Royal
  11. Opera Reel
  12. Larry's Waltz

David Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman (Two FIddles)
Jane, Francis, Russell, Sophie and Neil Orzechowski (Sugar River String Band) Larry Seigel 2006

Total Time: 44:33 minutes

Click Here to learn the Dudley story with David Millstone's two hour documentary film: The Other Way Back/Dancing with Dudley

Click Here for Dudley and Jacqueline's book and CD on traditional New England dances, White Mountain Reels

Click here to visit Dudley Laufman's website.

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