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Frank Ferrel

Frank Ferrel has been on the folk scene for a long time. Over the years, he has been recognized as an outstanding performer in several genres. His mastery of Cape Bretton fiddling is well known, and he plays Celtic in Boston with the best. He calls his own compositions just New England fiddling. Lately, he has been very active in Contra. Here is a selection of fiddle music from Frank Ferrel.

Frank Ferrel and Friends

Wherever there are great fiddlers, you will find Frank Ferrel. Truly one of America's top fiddler, here you have him with his long time friends and fellow musicians, Peter Barnes, John McGann, and Joe Derrane*. He offers a vibrant, deeply pleasurable, and thoroughly convincing musical essay on Yankee fiddling, its range, roots and aesthetics. It is also music for Contra dancing, which remains the beating heart of the New England style.

* Joe Derrane is the only New England Irish musician to ever receive the National Endowment for the Arts' vaunted National Heritage Fellowship Award.

  1. Trip to the Well, Galway Belles, Church Street
  2. Sean Reid's, The Watchmaker, The Milliner's Daughter
  3. Amelia
  4. Mullingar Races, Joe Cooley's Reel, The Longford Collector
  5. Jean Carignan Medley
  6. Maid on the Green, The Miner's Jig, The Short Road
  7. Two-Step du Bob, Two-Step du Ray
  8. The Old Dutch Churn, Looney McTwalter, Mike Moloney's
  9. Peter Feeney's Dream, Flowers of the Flock
  10. . Port Patrick, Whelan's, Brodie Kieric's
  11. Beans, Humors of Maine
  12. The Blue Eyed Lassie
  13. Andrea's Waltz
  14. The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee, Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife

Frank Ferrel, Peter Barnes, John McGann, Joe Derrane Total Time 58:20


Frank Ferrel and Friends

Frank Ferrel is a marvelous fiddler from the Boston area and has a knack of attracting top notch musicians to play with him. Right from the first phrase you know you are in the hands of a fabulous fiddler. Just sit down, relax and listen. This CD is pure joy.

"moxie" moxie / 'mak - se / n (fr. Moxie, a trademark for a New England soft drink) (1930) 1: ENERGY, PEP 2: COURAGE, DETERMINATION 3:KNOW-HOW, EXPERTISE You have it all here!

  1. Dancing on Deck, The Fiddler's Chair
  2. Fuzzy Dice, The Raised Skirt
  3. The Little Fiddler, St. Nicholas Eve, Howling Willie
  4. The Taxi Driver, Johnny's Parties, Dudley Street
  5. Hardys of Alnwich, Three Legged Dog, Loch Stennes
  6. The Otter's Waltz, Valse Elise
  7. Moxie, Terrence O'Laughlin, Yankee Dancers
  8. March to the Martimes, Flying Home, The Rose Croix
  9. Music in the House, The River Master
  10. Floating on the Tide, Old Cobblestone, The Trampoline
  11. Visitation, Merry Pubs of Boston, Meeting Joe Derrane
  12. Broken Butterfly, Friday the 13th, Lopez Island
  13. Apologetic Hornpipe, Boudreau's, Maple Syrup
  14. Snow on the Pickets, Spin-N-Glo, The New Stove
  15. Gacie's Birthday March, Mary Muise
  16. Celtic Shores, Kitchen Ceilidhs, The Barbour Cap
  17. Contra Bourees

Frank Ferrel, Peter Barnes, John McGann, Joe Derrane - cuts 4, 11, Janene Muise Randall - cuts 8, 14, 15 - 1996

Yankee Dreams

CD - $15 temporarily unavailable

Frank Ferrel and Friends

Frank has a huge repertoire of tunes and he's great at picking and matching for maximum effect. Yankee Dreams is one of those CD's that stays on my CD changer for a very long time. This is wicked good fiddling.

The Library of Congress places Yankee Dreams on its "Select list of 25 Recordings of American Folk Music.

  1. Southwest Bridge, Paddy on the Turnpike, Give the Fiddler a Dram
  2. Hare's Ear, Grey Ghost, Quill Gordon
  3. Dave MacNeil, Maid Behind the Bar, Robert Stubbert
  4. The Eagle's Whistle, The Full Rigged Ship, The New Eigged Ship
  5. Southern Melodies, The Polo March, Polka from Angus Chisholm
  6. To and Old Rose
  7. Done Gone, the Old Cuckoo
  8. Arthur's Seat, Eugene Straton, The Banks, Madame Neruda
  9. Erin Reel, The Saint Lawrence River, Oliver Trembalay's Reel
  10. Mathematicians, City of Savannah, The American Rifle Team
  11. John McGann, Peter Barnes, Compliments to the Boys of the Lough
  12. Stacks of Barley, Bantry Bay, Princess Royal, Angus Chisholm's Irish Hornpipe
  13. Arthur Finley, Two in one Reel
  14. Maple Leaf Two-Step, Point au Pic
  15. Compliments to the Browns
  16. of Dingwall, Winston Tune, MacKenzie and MacPhee
  17. Reel due Ting Tang

Frank Ferrel, John McGann, Peter Barnes - 1990

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