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David Kaynor

David Kaynor is the impresario of the Greenfield, MA dance. His entertaining, ecletic style of presenting music brings joy to dancers and listeners alike. He has a great knack of welcoming newcomers and building the dance community. His fiddle speaks good times, deep respect for tradition and occasionally, playful irreverence. There's never a dull moment when David is at the helm.

High Clouds

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Greenfield Dance Band

David Kaynor's Greenfield Dance Band has been one of the strongest influences on the revolution in New England contra music over the last 25 years. Recorded here for the first time, the joy and vitality of their music reaches out to you, just as it does when you are on the dance floor.

  1. Foxy Mary, Loch Laven Castle, Da Tushker
  2. The Silver Spire, Ships are Saling, Dillon Brown's Fancy
  3. Connaughtman's Rambles, Shandon Bells, Over the Causeway
  4. Little Burnt Potato, Dusty Bob's / Made in Ireland, One Hundred Pipers
  5. Bonnie Isabel Robertson, John Howat's
  6. Waltz in D Minor
  7. The Troll's Polska
  8. The Rambler/Music in the Glen
  9. Hull's Victory, The Arthur Seat, Irish-American Reel, Tommy's Tarboukas
  10. Schottische in A Major
  11. Return to Miltown / Cooley's Reel / The Gale
  12. High Clouds

Greenfield Dance Band David Kaynor, Mary Cay Brass, Peter Siegel, Stuart Kenney. Special guests Van Kaynor, Mary Lea, Susan Conger, Michael Kerry 2003

Total Time 58:18

Montague Processional

Montague Processional contra music CD


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David Kaynor and Friends

The tiny village of Montague, Massachusetts is known for the concerts and dances at the the Grange. The Montague Processional musicians are David Kaynor, Susan Conger and Susie Secco. They have been a large part of putting Montague on the map as a great place to hear and dance to great music. The fiddle duets of David and Susan with Susie's piano are truly a treat.

  1. David's French Fiddle, Laurie Buchanan's, Three Susans
  2. Homage a Harmonica Jean, Richard's Jig
  3. Halberg-polskan
  4. Kohler's, Dinky's
  5. Twin Centers
  6. Dominion Reel, Batchelder's Reel, Winton's Hormpipe
  7. Karen's Kitchen
  8. The Montague Processional
  9. Indian Point, Cul Aodh Jig
  10. Emily's Waltz
  11. Kingsbury Reel, Saut de Lapin
  12. Kers Lars Brudmarsch
  13. Georg's Hambo
  14. High Clouds
  15. The Old Copperplate, Castle Hornpipe
  16. Brannvinslat

David Kaynor, Susan Conger and Susie Secco, 1995

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