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Rodney Miller

Rodney Miller is widely considered to be the foremost exponent of New England style fiddling. Over the past thirty years Miller has toured the United States, Canada, the British Isles, Australia and Denmark and he has recorded over ten albums. Rodney Miller recordings, Castles in the Air, Airplang and New England Chestnuts have become classics for fiddlers worldwide and many of his original compositions have gone on to become fiddle tune standards. In l983, Rodney was designated a "Master Fiddler" by the National Endowment for the Arts. "Rodney's playing is always sweetly melodic, textural, resonant, exciting and adventuresome." Scott Alarik, Boston Globe Music Critic


Rodney Miller contra dance music - Airdance

CD - $15

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Rodney Miller with Airdance

Airdance recalls the musical explosion of Rodney Miller's original Airplang albums which inspired the New England contra music revolution. Celtic, traditional and even jazz tunes flower on strong contra dance roots, and reflect the continuing vitality and vibrancy of the New England contra scene. Rodney's famous fiddle is featured, but each member of the band has time in the spotlight. Each musician is New England's finest on his or her instrument. The fusion of these talents creates musical magic.

  1. Gypsy Stomp, In Walked Bud
  2. Ronde des Voyageurs, Reel de Montebello, Hommage a Edmond Parizeau
  3. Rambling Pitchfork, Four Courts, Salvation
  4. Kilcommon, The Volunteer
  5. All That You Ask Me
  6. Morning Star, Paddy Fahey's, Alex Menzie's
  7. Fred Bartell, Jigjazz
  8. Da Trowy Burn, Da Crofter's Wife, Da Fisher's Foy, Da Bonxie
  9. Behind the Haystack, Darla's Jig, Myra's Jig
  10. Pigeon on the Gate, Racine le Beau, Punter's Graveyard
  11. Forvantan, Elaine's Hambo
  12. Patty's Journey Home, Ice on the Water
  13. Heather McCarthy, Lament for the Tobacco Valley, Road to Atlanta

Rodney Miller, Mary Cay Brass, Stuart Kenney, David Surette and Sam Zucchini 2000

Total Time 63:42

Airplang II

Contra dance music with Rodney Miller - airplang

CD - $15

Hear Clip From Track #12



Rodney Miller and Friends

The evolution continues! Here's the 1987 sequel to Airplang by Rodney Miller and friends. Three stellar musicians, Rodney Miller- fiddle, Peter Barnes- piano and John McGann- guitar continue to advance the contra genre. There are lots of traditional tunes here but traditional doesn't necessarily mean old fashioned. Their music is highly creative without being gimmicky and it stays true to the roots of the dance. This powerful and expressive music takes you on an adventure to which you will return to time and again. The Randy Miller tune, Tour of Scottland is a knockout!

  1. The Cliffs of Moher, Gold Ring, Hullican's Jig
  2. Leather Britches, Miller's Reel
  3. Pincushion Polka
  4. Bluemont Waltz
  5. The Bain's Welcome to Dublin, Mains of Gartley, Pull Down Your Vest
  6. Rochester Schottische, Shelbourne Reel, The Baker
  7. Swimming in the Gutter, King's Favorite, Munster Lass
  8. Denver Belle, Indian Killed a Woodcock
  9. High Level Hornpipe
  10. Cattle in the Cane
  11. The Irma Waltz
  12. Tour of Scotland

Rodney Miller, Peter Barnes, John McGann, 2000

Total Time 43:44

Cloud Nine

CD - $50
Collector's Item!

Hear Clip From Track #11


Rodney Miller and Airdance

Contra dancers throughout the country are experiencing an influx of young dancers who are drawn to the energy and sociability of the dances. They are sophisticated consumers of music and they are the new generation of “Air-dancers” who love both to dance and appreciate the complexity and spontaneity of this music. As one fan said recently “This is dance nirvana!” Cloud Nine, indeed.
  1. Cloud Nine, Broken Heart, Cloud Nine
  2. MacArthur Road, Gravel Walk, Shirley’s Reel
  3. Brimstone Corner
  4. Cape Breton Jig, Gallagher’s March, Jigermyster
  5. Muddy Roads, Lexi McKaskill
  6. Arigana Highway
  7. Up Downy, Tongadale, Johnny Murray of Lochee
  8. Cleveland Park, St. Patrice, Balls to Hall
  9. Chance Creek
  10. Bubble Pop, Hangman’s Reel
  11. Dot McKinnon, Sheldon MacNeil, Union Street Session
  12. Rogue Wave
  13. Hull’s Reel

Rodney Miller , Mary Cay Brass, Stuart Kenney,
David Surette, Mark Packard, Sam Zucchini 2006

Total time: 52:36

Flying On Home

CD - $15

Hear Clip From Track #1

Rodney Miller and Airdance

What to say about the second release by Airdance other than FABULOUS. The band has pulled out all the stops and are flying. They have had three successful years touring across America and Canada and played the prestigious Sidmouth Festival in Britain. Airdance continues to explore the richness and diversity of New England dance music. Britain's Folk Roots magazine lauded their first release saying, "It's extremely rare to find a band that can make dance music so great to listen to without losing some danceability, and this lot succeed wonderfully."

  1. Tamlin, Devil in the Strawstack, Farewell to Tchernobyl
  2. October, Road to Lisdoonvarna
  3. Green Isle
  4. Killavail Fancy, Hunter's Purse, Concertina, Providence, Musical Priest, Highlanders Farewell, Peter Street
  5. Sandpoint
  6. Flatworld
  7. Ontario Swing, Bowin' the Strings
  8. Belle of Newcastle, Scruff Neck
  9. Bobby Gardiner's Jig, Butlers of Glen Ave
  10. Month of November
  11. Old Woolworth's, Johnny Don't Get Drunk
  12. Rolling Ridge, Flying Home to Shelley
  13. Cup of Tea, Holy Land, Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie
  14. Elsie's Farewell

Rodney Miller - Mary Cay Brass - David Surette - Stuart Kenney -Sam Zucchini - Marko Packard 2003

Total Time 58:25

Rodney Miller and Friends

Rodney Miller's Greasy Coat continues in the style of the ground breaking Airplang and Airplang II recordings. It represents the meeting of old and new Contra dance, of urban and rural styles , and of traditional and modern instrumentation. Joined by outstanding West Coast musicians, Rodney shows that exciting Contra music isn't limited to the hills of New England. Enjoy the juxtaposition of the classic Chorus Jig with the modern Chorus Jive and the VERY exciting American Polka. The liner notes were written by the nationally known caller, Mary DesRosiers.

  1. Liza Rose, Stepping on Worms, Wild Ginger
  2. Bourree des Moutons
  3. Hare in the Hat, Molly's Hop
  4. Greasy Coat
  5. Susi's Waltz
  6. American Polka
  7. Reunion Jig, Pete da Mill, Pinch of Snuff
  8. Pow Wow, Rockabilly Reel
  9. Bad Hair
  10. Bagpipe Ditty, Christmas Day in the Morning, Young Widow
  11. Dragonfly Waltz
  12. Chorus Jig, Chorus Jive
  13. Lullaby for Liza

Rodney Miller, Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg, David Cahn, 1990

Total Time 43:39

New England Chestnuts

New England Chestnuts with Rodney Miller

Two CD's - $15


Hear Clip From Vol. 1, Track #8

Rodney Miller and Friends - Two CD Set

After 20 years of collective listening, the consensus has emerged that these recordings are the definitive musical statements of these "classic" traditional New England Contra tunes. The two CD's are recommended listening for musicians, callers, and listeners interested in hearing the music that has had America dancing since colonial times. The liner notes contain a wealth of information about New England Contra music and dance. Here is the sound of classic New England Contra music at its best.

Volume 1:

  1. Lady Walpole's Reel, Batchelder's
  2. Opera Reel
  3. Rory O'More, Saddle the Pony
  4. Chorus Jig
  5. Nerissa, Larry's Waltzes
  6. Lamplighter's Hornpipe, Kildare Fancy
  7. Portland Fancy
  8. Hull's Victory
  9. Chickadees, Silver & Gold, Sarah Dell Polkas
  10. Money Musk

Total time 42:15

Rodney Miller, Randy Miller, Sandy Bradley, George Wilson, Steve Woodruff 1980

Volume 2:

  1. Ross' Reel No. 4, Lady of the Lake, Forester's
  2. Steamboat Quickstep, White Cockade, New Rigged Ship
  3. Road to Boston, Jenny's Gone to Linton
  4. Glise de Sherbrooke, Whalen's Breakdown
  5. Petronella, Green Mountain Petronella
  6. O'Donal Abhu, Rocks of Brae, Meeting of the Waters
  7. Maggie Brown's Favorite, Shetland Boston
  8. The Gay Gordons, Farewell to the Glen
  9. Fisher's Hornpipe
  10. Heather Island, Amelia Waltzes

Total Time: 42:44

Rodney Miller, Randy Miller, Sandy Bradley, George Wilson, Laurie Andres 1981

Rodney Miller and David Surette

The music of Rodney Miller and David Surette radiates the joy of the New England Contra scene. Many tunes are of Celtic origin, but Rodney and David imbue them all with a special New England flair. Their stellar musicianship ranks them as leading interpreters of traditional and modern New England dance melodies. New Leaf demonstrates that they are in the vanguard of the New England Contra music evolution.

  1. Arthur Seat Hornpipe, Eugene Stratton Hornpipe, Madame Neruda Hornpipe
  2. Auld Snatwell
  3. Princess Reel, Pacific Slope, Marcel Martin
  4. Flowin' Water
  5. Red Sunset Waltz
  6. Shadows on the Lawn, Cunla, The Brae Reel
  7. Statue Clog, Nightingale Clog, Great Western Clog, Lady Templeton's Clog
  8. Poor Old Woman, Ned Kendall's Hornpipe, Levi Beaulieu
  9. Italian Gigues - Monferrine
  10. Da Wedding March from Unst, Da Auld Foula Reel
  11. Caber Fey, Island Ferry, Wild Irish Reel
  12. Wayne Merrill's Jig, Courtesan's Jig
  13. Frisco Waltz
  14. Evit Gabriel

Rodney Miller, David Surette, 2000

Total Time 56:11


Pure Quill

Rodney Miller Contra music - pure quill

CD - $15

Rodney Miller and Bob McQuillen

Pure Quill is an old New England expression meaning "the genuine article...the real thing." Here you have it with Rodney Miller, New England's foremost fiddler teamed with Bob McQuillen, legendary Contra piano player and composer of over 1000 contra tunes. This recording captures the two as they might sound at the Peterborough, N.H. Town House on Contra dance night. All that's missing is the merry clop of a few hundred feet. For McQuillen and Miller both, the secret to Contra's continued vibrancy is that the future and the past are not adversaries, but fellow travelers. And the dance itself remains their greatest teacher.

  1. 1. McQuillen's Squeezebox
  2. 2. South Wind, My Bonnie Lad
  3. 3. Quindaro, Dominion, Deerfoot, President Grant's
  4. 4. Naughty Nootchie, Old Rocking Chair, Jimmy's Favorite
  5. 5. For Ireland, I'll Not Tell Her Name, Farewell to the Creeks
  6. 6. I Don't Love Nobody, Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane, Honey Harbor Two Step
  7. 7. The Huskin' Bee
  8. 8. Jamie Allen, West Wind
  9. 9. Lowlands of Holland, Coilsfield House
  10. 10. The Gem Varsoviana
  11. 11. Strop the Razar, Skiver
  12. the Quilt, Down the Road, Grey Buck
  13. 12. Flowers of Edinburgh, Old French, Willet's Hornpipe, Mountain Ranger
  14. 13. Elvira's Waltz

Rodney Miller, Bob McQuillen, 2000

Pure Quill is on Yankee Magazines' "Top Forty New England CDs" list

Total Time 51:07


Contra Dance Airplang CDs

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Rodney Miller and Friends

This CD, originally released in 1985, is pivotal in the evolution of New England contra music. It marked the departure from purely traditional NE dance music to "evolved" contra. These superb musicians display the creativity, vibrancy and excitement of this musical genre.

  1. 1. Sail Away Ladies, Waynesboro
  2. 2. Erin, Soulmate
  3. 3. Hangman's Reel
  4. In Christ There Is No East or West, Salimony Waltz
  5. 5. Contrazz, Old Joe
  6. 6. Dancing Bear
  7. 7. Elvira, Asher
  8. 8. Nancy's Waltz, Dark Island
  9. 9. Fair Jenny
  10. 10. Cotton-Eyed-Joe

Rodney Miller, Russ Barenberg, Peter Barnes, Molly Mason and Tim Jackson, 1997

Total Time 49:55


All-Around Collection

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Rodney Miller and Friends

East meets West on All Round Collection. Bill Meyers - electric guitar from California, David Cahn- Electric bass from Washington state and Rodney Miller - fiddle from New Hampshire have created a masterpiece. It helps that these three are superb musicians but their collaboration is more than just great musicianship. Their tune choices and the sensitivity of their playing is what makes this CD so wonderful. The beautiful Waltz for Jane is here along with the tremendously exciting Modern Times / Wizard's Walk. The traditional Quebecois set of Mouth of the Tobique/Jacques Cartier/The Parry Sound is very happy, and you will be too.

  1. Devil's Dream
  2. Chief O'Neill's Favorite,
  3. Paddy Ryan's Dream, Burying Poteen
  4. Roddy McCorley
  5. Lament for Big Dougal
  6. Waltz for Jane
  7. Reel a Ti Jean, Johnny Morgan
  8. Trip to Athlone, Bells of Dover
  9. Modern Times, Wizard's Walk
  10. Doc Harris' Hornpipe
  11. Sandie Over the Sea
  12. Fiesta Waltz
  13. Mouth of the Tobique, Jacques Cartier, The Parry Sound
  14. Cuckoo's Nest, Crazy Dog
  15. Pushing 40

Rodney Miller, Bill Meyers, David Cahn, 1997

Total Time 42:02

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