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The Quebec Connection

The special sound of the Québécois has been part of contra since the earliest days. Driving music from fiddle, accordion and piano make for wonderful contra dancing. Foot music or “podorhythme” adds to the excitement.

Tidal Wave


contra music of Quebec, Raz-de-Maree

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Tidal Wave

Contra music of Quebec! Although grounded in traditional Quebec rhythms and melodies, this music is innovative and refreshing. Tidal Wave, or Raz-de-Marée, with its cross-border personnel, proves that music not only transcends national boundaries, but brings people together. Prepare to be swept up in this glorious, perfect musical storm. And the liner notes are completely bilingual, French and English!

  1. Reel de Boucherville/ Dedicado à Joe/ Racine de la pièce Mexicaine/ Reel de ti-minous
  2. Gueussinette
  3. Reel de Valleyfield/ Polka chinoise/ Clog Parizeau
  4. Reel à Bruce/ Reel de Terrebonne/ Reel du Nord
  5. Reel à Cédulie/ reel indien
  6. Quadrille de Beauharnois/ reel américain/ reel de Bergeville/ reel du Bonhomme
  7. La valse Bernadette
  8. repertoire famille Pigeon/ repertoire G.Lajois/ reel St-Michel
  9. Galope des pionniers’s
  10. Hommage à Philippe Breuneau/ Reel de beloeil/ Hommage à Gilles Laprise
  11. Les six-huits à Sabin – 6/8 des rapides/ 6/8 de Lachine/ - 6/8 de l’éclusier
  12. Reel du voyage
    Sabin Jacques – accordion, Rachel Aucoin, piano Stuart Kenney – bass, with Andres Brunet, Eric Favreau and Claudine Arcand - violins 2007
  13. Total time: 56:07 minutes
  14. click here for Tidal Wave Tune Book, with 29 traditional Quebec tunes


Contra Dance music at it best!

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Richard Forest and Domino

Quebecois dance music is driving, fast and tons of fun. It's fun to
dance to, but it's equally as much fun to listen to. You can't keep
your feet from tapping and you definitely won't be gloomy when you listen to it. This is a fiddle based tradition and Richard Forest is a great fiddler. If you also love the accordion , you are in for a big treat as Sabin Jacques plays fabulous diatonic accordion. On this recording Domino plays fifteen original compositions for Quebecois dance and American contra dances. Highly recommended!

  1. Reel du Gadeliderot, Reel de St-Marc, Reel de la Petite Chapelle de Bois, St- Hubert 97, Reel de Montebello
  2. Les Trois Rubans
  3. Reel de la Petit Cote, Domino, Reel de la Rue de Gaspe, Reel Yvan
  4. Berceuse Pour Hanna
  5. La Marche Printaniere, Le Galant, Marche Pour Anne-Marie, La Marche des Eleves, La March Alexis
  6. Le Mal de Dents
  7. Valse de Luc Lavallee
  8. Reel du Tricentenaire, Reel Arthur, Reel de Port-Joli, Reel de Moosonee, Set Americain

Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest, Rejean Brunet, Luc Laroche, 1998

Total Time 59:30

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