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Tune Books - Teaching

This section includes tune books, CDs, DVDs, and videos for Contra musicians, dance instructors and budding callers.

Bob's Big Book of Waltzes

contra waltzes

Book $20.

Bob McQuillen - Waltzes

All 162 of Bob's magic waltzes are alphabetically listed and beautifully presented in this NEW 80 page spiral bound book. His waltzes are all dedicated someone, and they provide a history of the last 40 years of contra.


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Bob's Note Books

bob mcquillen tune books

Note Books 1-12
$7.50 each

(Note Books #5 and #7 are temporarily out of print)

Note Books #13, #14
& #15
$13. each

Index for
Note Books 1-15

Bob McQuillen - Tune Books

Bob McQuillen is a legend in the Monadnock region of New Hampshsire and beyond, and is an inspiration for the thriving Contra dance and traditional music community in the area. He has written over 1,300 tunes and is still at it. They are published in fourteen tune books, "Bob's Note Books". An index for all of Bob's Note Books is available.

Bob usually dedicates a tune to somebody, and he tells you why. Great Meadow Music is proud to be the publisher for Bob's tune. Note Book volumes 1 and 2 are combined in Note Book 1/2.

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Dance and Caller Instruction - Susan Kevra with Mary Cay Brass and Friends

Full Swing is a CD with eight "dance length" cuts, plus a twenty-four page instruction booklet for callers and dancers. Susan is a first class dance caller and teacher and writes about the culture and music of Contra dance in the booklet, as well as the basic dance skills. If you are a budding caller or a new dancer, or you just want to hear exciting New England Contra music, this CD is for you!

The booklet is now available separately.

  1. Le Diable vert, Le 24 Juin, Galope de la Malbaie
  2. The Green Mountain, The Sligo Maid, Rakish Paddy
  3. The Boys of Tandragee, Mary McNamara's, Carraroe Jig
  4. Goodbye My Lady Love
  5. Sou'west Bridge, The Spey in Spate, The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to the Shetland Islands
  6. Chorus Jig, Opera Reel, Growling Old Man and Woman
  7. Tatter Jack Walsh, Dinny O'Brien's, Gravel Walks
  8. Carolina Breakdown, Sandy Boys

Susan Kevra, Mary Cay Brass, Sara Blair, Mary Lea, Becky Tracy, Stuart Kenney, 2001

Total Time 55:24


Interview with a Vamper

Book - $20.

Peter Barnes - Contra Piano Teaching Book

This book teaches piano accompaniment for Contra dancing. Peter starts with "For the Total Beginner" and progresses through "the works." Some of the items covered are: Bass Runs and Rhythmic Effects, Chording Phrasing, Left Handed Maneuvers, Chord Substitutions. Peter states, "And don't ever hesitate, if you see me at a dance, to come up and ask me about anything that I'm doing or that you yourself are working on." 138 pages.

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English Country

peter barnes

Books Vol. 1 & 2
$20 each

English Country
Dance Tunes
Vol. 1 & 2

These spiral bound tune books are a necessity for English country dance musicians.

The fact that they have been reprinted so many times has to say something about them.

Couple Dances

Book - $25

A Little Couple - Dancemusík

Published in 1992 and reprinted four times, this tune book contains 400 waltzes, polkas, tangos, hambos, zwiefachers and other traditional dance tunes. It is an essential resouce for couple dance musicians.


  Chimes of Dunkirk

Book - $15

CD - $15

DVD - $20

Teaching Dance to Children

New England Dancing Masters

Chimes of Dunkirk is intended for elementary school music and physical education teachers, community dance leaders or anyone else interested in teaching traditional American dance to children. The book and companion CD are designed to make traditional square, circle, and Contra dancing easily accessible. The dances have proven successful in elementary classrooms, summer camps and community centers. The film (VHS or DVD) can be used alone or as a companion to the book and CD
The 60 Minute Chimes of Dunkirk video (VHS or DVD) includes 17 of the dances from the Chimes collection and is filled with tips and techniques on teaching traditional dance to children. It can be used alone, or as a companion to the Chimes of Dunkirk book and CD.

  1. Chimes of Dunkirk
  2. Alabama Gal
  3. Sweets of May
  4. Galopede
  5. Willow Tree (Teviot Bridge, Scotland the Brave)
  6. Heel & Toe Polka (This Old Man, Jenny Lind Polka)
  7. La Bastringue
  8. Black Jack
  9. Haste to the Wedding
  10. Simple Square (Golden Slippers)
  11. Redwing
  12. Jig Medley (Tenpenny Bit, Irishman's Heart)
  13. Reel Medley (Dominion, Fisher's Hornpipe)
  14. Waltz (High Clouds)

David Kaynor, Andy Davis, Mary Cay Brass, Peter Amidon, Stuart Kenney, Mary Lea, Mary Alice Amidon. - 1990

Listen to the

Book - $15

CD - $15

Teaching Dance

New England Dancing Masters

Listen to the Mockingbird is a successor to New England Dancing Masters' earlier collection, Chimes of Dunkirk and is designed for dance instruction with children, schools, and communities. It includes detailed instructions for teaching numerous dances, as well as tunes. The accompanying CD includes dance length recordings of music for all the dances in the book, played by some of New England's finest dance musicians. The book and CD can be used alone or in conjunction with Chimes of Dunkirk.

  1. Galope de la Baie St. Paul, Old Man and Old Woman, Eugene
  2. Northern Lights, Aunt May's, Old Rocking Chair
  3. Spotted Pony, Chinkapin
  4. Blarney Pilgrim
  5. Les Saluts
  6. Congress Reel, Music in the Glen,
  7. Forester's
  8. Listen to the Mockingbird
  9. Ocean Wave
  10. First Night Quadrille
  11. Butterfly Whirl
  12. A-Rovin
  13. Sheehan's, Ships Are Sailing, The Scholar
  14. Franconia Waltz

David Kaynor - Mary Lea - Becky Tracy - Andy Davis - Mary Cay Brass - Stuart Kenney 1997

For more New England Dancing Masters products click here for their website.


New England Fiddler's Repertoire

Book - $22

Randy Miller and Jack Perron - Tune Book

The New England Fiddler's Repertoire, now in its 6th edition since 1983, is the "bible of New England fiddling," considered by many to be the indispensable music book for traditional musicians. It contain's one hundred and sixty eight of New England's best known and loved fiddle tunes for any melody instruments such as fiddle, flute, piano, whistle and accordion. The CD, New England Chestnuts contains 19 tunes from New England Fiddler's Repertoire.

Fiddler's Throne

Book - $25

Randy Miller - Tune Book

Fiddler's Throne contains 375 jigs, reels, hornpipes, marches and waltzes. The collection is based on Randy's collecting trips in Britain America. One fifth of the tunes are recently composed by musicians such as Liz Carrol, Jerry Holland, Randal Bays, Randy Miller, and the late Ralph Page, Dean of New England Contra, are included in this collection. Also included are 18 tunes from the manuscript of New England fiddler Johyn Taggart (1895-1943). Arrangements and chord suggestions are by Randy, based on 30 years' experience as a Contra dancer, a fiddler and a piano player.

Randy has organized this book to a fare-the-well - 256 pages, chords included, tunes alphabetically, indexed by tune types, composers and more!


The Portland

Book - $28 each

Susan Songer

Volumes 1, 2 and 3

The three Portland Collection tune books have
become staples for contra musicians across the country. Each volume has about 300 tunes arranged alphabetically. There is comment on each tune in the back of each book. A companion CD to Volume 1 is described in the Contra Roots and Branches section, Companion CD and the companion CD to Volume 2 is described below.

A Portland Selection 2

a portland selection 2, contra music

CD - $15

Companion CD to the Portland Collection Volume 2

  1. Pigeon on the Gate, The Derry Reel, MacArthur Road
  2. The Lads of Dunse, The Golden Legs
  3. Reel de la Sauvagine
  4. Le Tourment, La Maison de Glace, Early in the Year
  5. Le 24 Juin
  6. Black Jack Grove, Shady Grove
  7. The Cincinnati Rag, Stone’s Rag
  8. The Carraroe, Sergeant Early’s Dream
  9. MacLeod’s Farewell
  10. Miss Grayton’s Hornpipe, Jacky Tar, Miss Thompson’s
  11. Lost Everything, Last Chance
  12. The Green Apple Quickstep, Belknap’s March, Multnomah March
  13. Mad River, Lake Erie, Hey Little Girl, Do What I Tell You Tune Books Teaching (continued)
  14. The Flowers of Autumn
  15. The White Petticoat
  16. Hole in the Hedge, The Mist-Covered Mountain, Munster Buttermilk
  17. Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July, Grey Eagle, Walk up Georgia Row
  18. Reprise

Susan Songer, Clyde Curley, George Penk
With Creighton Lindsay, 2005
Total time: 61:47

A Portland Play Along Selection

Western Massachusetts contra music

Double CD
- $20

Clip from track #3

Clip from track #11  

Susan Songer and Friends

This CD gives you an opportunity to play along with Susan Songer and Friends on 97 selections from The Portland Collection tune books, volumes 1 and 2. Susan's liner notes are helpful. The tunes are listed by both key and meter.

Susan Songer, Clyde Curley and Betsy Branch, 2008

Click title for Susan's other CD, A Portland Selection (Volume 1)

On the Beat with Ralph Sweet

ralph sweet

Book $35 each

Authors: Ralph Sweet

With Nils Fredland

Ralph Sweet is a contra/square dance legend and Nils Fredland is fast becoming one. This 226 page spiral bound book captures Ralph's favorite ninety squares from over the last 60 years. The book includes instruction on singing squares and patter calling. Music for singing squares is included. This book will be a bible for square dance callers.

The Waltz Books

Vol I - $15
Vol II - $15
Vol III - $15

Bill Matthiesen

Tune Book - Three Volumes

Quoting Bill from the preface of The Waltz Book III,

"I can hardly believe that a full seven years have gone by since the publication of the last Waltz Book, and ten years since the first book came out. Based on the volume of phone calls, letters and emails I recieve each week, the interest in this wonderful genre is, if anything increasing. The reasons why aren't hard to fathom. First of all, the tunes are varied and pretty and they're fun to play, and to listen to. Second, waltzes are especially acceptible. This makes them fun for beginning players."

All three books are spiral bound and the tunes are listed alphabetically in each. Each book contains about 60 waltzes.

White Mountain Reel

Book with CD - Contact
Dudley by email

Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman - Book and CD

"There's no topping Dudley and Jacqueline as the keepers and disseminators of traditional New England dance. They've made it accessible, learnable, and do-able for all. Through this resource, we can tap into a great time proven way to build community, connect with each other and have fun." Sue Huslsether, Music teacher and dance caller, Minneapolis, MN

Dudley Laufman caller, Music by Two Fiddles and Sugar River String Band, 2001

Along the River

Western Massachusetts contra music
Book - $15

Susan Conger - Tune Book

Here is a collection of 73 reels, jigs, waltzes and other dance tunes written by musicians of the Connecticut River Valley. Many of these tunes have become standards in New England.

The tune "The Gale" alone is worth $15. !!

See also- Along the River Companion CD


Québécoise Folk Music

order via

Tidal Wave Tune Book

This spiral bound tune book offers 29 melodies and their chords from the Tidal Wave CD, with bilingual comments.


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