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Becky Tracy and Keith Murphy

Becky and Keith are fixtures on the New England contra scene and appear in various venues. Becky is a fiddler with Wild Asparagus and with Jeremiah McLane, she and her husband Keith form Nightingale. Their latest collaboration is with Andy Davis

Any Jig or Reel

Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy & Andy Davis

This CD is designed for where lively, well phrased jigs, reels and waltzes in dance length cuts are needed. Here is energetic New England dance music to be played in classes or dances where recordings are used. Andy Davis' accordion playing is outstanding and Keith Murphy also lets you know that he is a great piano player. Produced by New England Dancing Masters, this is a CD for dancing and listening.

  1. Fancy Hornpipe, Quindaro, Scotch Hornpipe
  2. Broken Lantern, Mist over Tennessee, Idlewind Jig
  3. Valse du vieux moulin
  4. Golden Keyboard, McDowell's, Union Street
  5. Ingonish Jig, Heritage, Green Fields of Woodford
  6. Reel de Rimouski, Reel des accordeonistes
  7. Over the Ice
  8. Quebec Reel, Reel St Blondine, Pacific Slope
  9. Hotel Verret, Hommage a Jos Bouchard, Quadrille Bouchard
  10. Mouth of the Tobique, John Howett's
  11. Summer Haze
  12. Galope de la Malbaie, The Picnic, Rare

Becky Tracey, Keith Murphy, Andy Davis, 2005


CD - $25
Collector's Item!

Becky Tracy and Friends

This is Becky Tracy's first CD on her own and it's a doozie! That she is a fabulous fiddler is well known, but besides that, she has a great sense of tradition. She has chosen interesting tunes and plays them here with great sensitivity. Becky has also assembled a coterie of first class musicians to play with her. Evergreen is a superb listening CD.

  1. John Henry's Reel, First
  2. Month of Summer, Bean A Ti Ar Lar, The Wild Irishman
  3. Slang
  4. Arizona, Farewell Trian, Arizona
  5. Hassun Pekon, L'Inconnu de Limoise
  6. The Tinker Woman, The Chanter's Tune
  7. Bourres from Saint Bonnet Pres Rion
  8. Evergreen
  9. La Fille dans le Bois, Reel a D'Idas Boudreault
  10. Folans, The Corner House, The Red Haired Lass
  11. Fiddler around the Fairy Tree, The Black Rogue, The Little Drummers
  12. Finistere, Walls of Saint Malo, Quimper Gavotte, Walls of Saint Malo
  13. The Black Isle

Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy, David Cantieni, Jeremiah McLane, Bill
Tomczak, Benedict Koehler, 2001


Sometimes When The Moon Is High

Contra dance CD's

CD - $25
Collector's Item!


From the very first notes of Sometimes the Moon is High you know you are listening to great musicians and can just sit back and enjoy. Travel to Ireland, Nova Scotia, Norway, Newfoundland, Ontario, Maine, Quebec, Sweden and back to Ireland while you listen to truly beautiful music. You'll hear Keith Murphy's rich , sonorous, voice on six songs on this CD along with eight lively cuts of contra dance music. This CD doesn't languish in our CD collection. We return to it time and time again.

  1. Ballygow, The Bus Stop, MacDonald's
  2. The Tinker Behind the Door, Snug in a Blanket
  3. The Joker's Pulska, Breton Gavottes
  4. J'entend le Moulin, Louis Cyr
  5. The Discharged Drummer
  6. Breton Suite Pourlet, The Alley II
  7. Tippy Get Your Hair Cut, Ricky's White Face, Florence Kelly's
  8. Canaday I O, The Farrier, Pluto's in Scorpio
  9. Bury Me Not in the Deep, Deep Sea
  10. Reel D'Issoudun, La Grondeuse
  11. MaCommerce, Ma Mie, Retour de Montaignac
  12. Sur la Route de Dijon
  13. Soul of the Limestone Rock
  14. Eugene O'Donnell, Bea Maye's, Tuttle's, Lady Ann Montgomery

Becky Tracy, Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy, 1996

Total Time 60:54

The Coming Dawn

Nightingale contra music

CD - $15


On the first tune of the first cut of this CD, "The Five Roads", you hear how the accordion, fiddle and guitar interweave. Immediately you realize you are listening to something very special. The fine tunes and fine musicians throughout this CD makes for great music. Sometimes gentle, sometimes exciting, sometimes innovative, sometimes solidly traditional but always very enjoyable. I admit I am picky about vocals, especially vocals of the "folk"persuasion. Keith Murphy's voice and delivery are first rate.

  1. The Five Roads, The Coming Dawn
  2. The Brewer Lad with The Popcorn
  3. Schottis fran Idre
  4. Troise Navires with The Cos Reel
  5. Time Will End
  6. The Black Fly with The Phoenix
  7. Reel a Raymond, Mothers
  8. A la Claire Fontaine with La Belle Catherine and Pat de Budgie
  9. Scatter the Mud, The Tea Song
  10. Polska efter Hult Linrot, Marche a Queteux Pomerleau
  11. Baqn Chnoic Eirian O, Mutt's Favourite, Father Francis Cameron
  12. Tickle Cove Pond with Over the Ice and the Culfadda
  13. Farral O'Gara, Trim the Velvet

Becky Tracy, Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy, 1994

Total Time 58:51

Hear Becky Tracy also on Best of Wild Asparagus, From the Floor Up, Wherever You Go, Full Swing, Green Mountain

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