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Wild Asparagus

Wild Asparagus is America’s “most traveled” contra band, and everywhere they go the halls are packed. People are whooping it up, enjoying their lively, sometimes hypnotic, joyous music. George Marshall (concertina and bodhran,) Ann Percival (piano and guitar) and David Cantieni (flute, whistles, alto saxophone and bombard) are the founders of Wild Asparagus. They are joined by Becky Tracy (fiddle) and Stuart Kenney (bass.) Very exciting music.

Best of
Wild Asparagus

CD - $25
Collector's Item!

Hear Clip From Track #10

Wild Asparagus

Some say Wild Asparagus is the hottest contra band from New England. Certainly those packing the local dance halls as they tour would agree. Best of Wild Asparagus includes selections from five Wild Asparagus' releases, starting with Music from a Little Known Planet in 1989, to their latest, Wherever You Go. As to their style of contra - Celtic influenced, but with their own special magic.

  1. Fahey's,Woman of the House,Sligo Creek
  2. Lafferty's
  3. Contney's Yard, Heave Together, My Need
  4. Mooncoin Jig,Whelan's
  5. Jug of Punch,Jenny's Chickens
  6. Norwegian Reinlender, Schottis from Idre
  7. Camel Hump, Sam Bartlett's, Camel Hump
  8. Enrichezvous
  9. Baghad Gus, Gus Fuss
  10. Congress Reel, Fisherman's Island, Return to Milltown
  11. The Big Reel, Rare
  12. Ootpik Waltz

Sam Bartlett, David Cantieni, Van Kaynor, Stuart Kenney, Mary Lea, George Marshall, Ann Percival, Sue Sternberg, Becky Tracy

Special Guests: Lee Blackwell, Keith Murphy, Danny Noveck, Dirk Powell, Mark Roberts, Pete Sutherland

Total Time 56.54

wild asparagus

Live at the
Guiding Star Grange


Double CD - $20

On Disc 1

Hear Clip From Track #2

On Disc 2

Hear Clip From Track #1

Hear Clip From Track #3

Hear Clip From Track #4

Wild Asparagus

This is an important recording. Fourteen dance length cuts, recorded live as advertised. Great contra energy. This CD is great insurance for the dance organizer in the event the band doesn't show up!

Disc 1:
  1. Coral Riff
  2. The Virginia Set
  3. Boyne Hunt
  4. Mahana Bay
  5. On the Danforth
  6. Enjoy Yourself
  7. The Crested Hen

Disc 2

  1. March of Poetry
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. Arigna Coal Miner
  4. Taliban
  5. Cold Lampin'
  6. The Northwest Set
  7. Maggie

David Cantieni, Becky Tracy, Ann Percival, George Marshall, Keith Murphy, Mark Hellenberg, Mark Murphy, Harry Aceto, 2009


Call of the Wild

Wild Asparagus contra dance cd Call of the Wild

CD - $15




Wild Asparagus

Here you have accomplished musicians playing lively, traditional music with their own flare. Wild Asparagus have a sound all of their own. Their tune choices are interesting and fun and they have arranged them in a very harmonious order. This is seductive music that draws you into it's web. Beware!

  1. Congress Reel, Fisherman's Island, Return to Milltown
  2. Sean Ryan's, Tony Rowe's, The Castletown Connors, The Gold Stud
  3. Sunday River
  4. Lad O'Beirne's, Tommy Cohen's Reel
  5. Skidoo
  6. Cul Aodh Jig, I Don't Know Why, Wissahickon Drive
  7. Camel Hump, Sam Bartlett's, Camel Hump
  8. Rhinoceros for Sue
  9. Shaskeen Jig
  10. Shaskeen Reel, Concert Reel, John Stenson's #2
  11. When we're gone, long gone
  12. Fahey's, Woman of the House, Sligo Creek

George Marshall, David Cantieni, Ann Percival, Susan Sternberg, Sam Bartlett, Dirk Powell, Danny Noveck, Peter Sutherland 1993


From the Floor Up

Wild Asparagus cd from the floor up

CD - $15

Wild Asparagus

Wild Asparagus really struts it's stuff on this their third CD. George Marshall's swirling concertina plays tag with Becky Tracy's fiddle and David Canteini's flute, oboe and bombard. Ann Percival's creative yet solid rhythm on guitar and piano keeps the rest of the crew in line. Some of their most memorable cuts are here, such as Lafferty's, the Orphan and Belle Gaspesie medleys.

  1. Evil Dianne, Torrid Romance, Evil Diane
  2. Alabama Rain
  3. Jug of Punch, Pinch of Snuff, Jenny's Chickens, The Gravel Walk
  4. Sean's Waltz
  5. Mooncoin Jig, Whelan's
  6. The Setting
  7. Rolling in the Barrel, The Morning Dew, Rolling in the Barrel
  8. Hommage a la Belle Gaspesie, Diable Vert, Reel de Lievre,
  9. Festival des Voyageurs, Stuart's Groove
  10. Hard Old Memories, Rambling in the Meadow
  11. The Orphan, Old John's Jig, The Bank of Ireland
  12. Lafferty's
  13. The Skye Boat Song
  14. The Fiddlers Bidding, The Phoenix, Sporting Paddy

George Marshall, David Cantieni, Ann Percival, Becky Tracy, Sam Bartlett, Stuart Kenney 1997

Tone Roads

Contra dance music with Great Meadow Music - Wild Asparagus

CD - $15

Wild Asparagus

Tone Roads is the first CD for Wild Asparagus. Released in 1990, Tone Roads also released a flurry of excitement in the contra music scene. The dance crowds were waiting for this recording and their wait was rewarded with first class music that spread the joy and excitement beyond the dance community to new audiences. Audiences found that Wild Asparagus produced first class listening music too.

  1. High Part of the Road, The Tipsy Sailor, Out on the Ocean
  2. La Grondeuse, La Belle Cathrine, Alfred Montmarquette's F# minor Reel
  3. Wissahickon Drive, Banks of Ireland
  4. Come Along Jody
  5. The Dancer
  6. First House of Connaught, Joys of My Life, Fermoy Lasses, Ingonish, Father Kelly's
  7. Ootpik Waltz
  8. Julia Delaney, Dick Gossip
  9. Norwegian Reinlender, Schottis from Idre
  10. Paddy Fahey's, Jig of Slurs, Eddie Kelly's, Jig of Slurs
  11. Far Away
  12. Concert Reel, Paddy on the Landfill

George Marshall, David Cantieni, Ann Percival, Mary Lea, Susan Sternberg, Stuart Kenney 1990

  Wherever You Go

Wild Asparagus folk music cd - wherever you go

CD - $15


Wild Asparagus

Wild Asparagus produces great folk music. Sam Amidon and Thomas Bartlett of Popcorn Behavior says it all. "Folk Music at its best: uniquely fine-tuned and complex arrangements that are always rooted in the raw energy of dance music. Wild Asparagus produces folk music so full of ideas that you'll never lose interest, and with so much groove that you'll never stop dancing"

  1. Contney's Yard, Heave Together, My Needs
  2. Superman's Song
  3. Baghad Gus, Gus Fuss
  4. Sport, Location, Location, Location
  5. Love at the Five and Dime, Father Francis Cameron
  6. Tommy Peoples', Man From Bundoran, Up the Track, Glass of Beer
  7. Gavotte des Montagnes
  8. Valse por Pele, Early
  9. The Old Bush, The Scholar, Jenny Picking Cockles
  10. Mapeking, Lark In the Morning
  11. The Big Reel, Rare
  12. Wherever You Go When You Sleep

Becky Tracy, David Cantieni, George Marshall, Ann Percival, Stuart Kenney, Keith Murphy, Lee Blackwell 2001

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